Discussing customer’s needs

We provide you with the outstanding expertise of our sales department. By integrating our knowledge of the market, information about client’s needs and their expectations of the product, we create an initial project plan.


Design and visual concept

Our design team develops preliminary design proposals, technical sketches and visual aids, which, at each stage, are presented to and discussed with the client. Every step of the way, the design team incorporates client’s suggestions and corrections to create a satisfactory design.


Creating the product prototype

Once you have accepted the final design we introduce you with a prototype of the product, to make sure that the product is exactly what you had in mind and your needs are met.


Project completion - manufacture

Drawing on structural drawings and the product prototype we proceed to manufacture the product. To ensure both, outstanding quality and quantity of your choice, we use our own technologically advanced machinery operated by highly skilled production and assembly crew.


Transportation and fitting

We offer you transportation of the product to the location of your choice, using our own transit cars. The product will arrive accompanied by our experienced and well trained assembly team ready to do the product fitting on location.


Warranty services

To offer you the highest quality of service you will be provided with service and assistance even after the product warranty expires.